About G Plus Pharma

With headquarters in Singapore, G Plus Pharma partners with leading international exporters of Named Patient Medication, helping healthcare professionals and patients access potentially life-saving drugs that are otherwise not available to them.

Our Business Model

At G Plus Pharma, we never lose sight of why we are in the business; to provide quality and affordable products for the benefit of healthcare professionals and patients with unmet medical needs in Singapore and around the world.

The products are sourced directly from the manufacturers or the manufacturer’s authorized distributors so that the highest product quality is ensured.

As a business, G Plus Pharma is proud to be associated with values like Accountability, Integrity and Passionate Service.

The greatest measure of our success will be the countless patients who benefit from our service everyday.

This are the reasons why we believe in providing Service You Can Trust.

Also known as early access programmes; named-patient supply; and compassionate use program